Quilt Preparation

What is Longarm Quilting?

Longarm Quilting is done with a special straight stitch machine mounted on a large frame. Your quilt top is tensioned on rollers using red snapper clips (no pins) so there is no need for basting your layers!  The computer moves the sewing head over your quilt, creating an all over design.

Overview of Longarm Quilting Machine Layour
The various quilt rollers and the sewing machine with a quilt sandwich in place

Which quilts are suitable?

Any quilt top that is going to get a lot of use and washing is particularly suitable as the all over design helps stabilise the quilt top.  No need to worry about bulky seams, my Longarm will happily quilt denim or corduroy!  However it can’t work miracles and if your border is wavy to start with then it will remain so!

Preparing your quilt for Longarming: 

Press your quilt top well and make sure all the seams are in the right direction.  Trim as many loose threads from the back as possible as these may be brought to the top when quilted.

Please Stay stitch all around the edge of your quilt top, ⅛” from the edge, with a normal straight stitch as in the picture. This step stops any seams from coming undone, reduces fraying and helps the quilt top load straight as they are tensioned on the frame


Backing fabric and wadding MUST be 8” wider and 8” longer than your quilt top.  This is because they need to be attached to the frame and the machine must be able to get to the edge of your quilt. My longarm can cope with quilts up to 120” wide, any length.  Smaller is fine too!

Choosing a pattern:

I have a wide selection of designs to choose from and I will help you choose one to complement your quilt.  Most are free but special requests are typically £12-£15.  The denser the pattern, the less drapey the quilt will be when quilted.  Quilting is charged by the area of your quilt top in square meters and prices start from £21 ex VAT per square metre (current Sept 2023).  Extra wide backing (avoiding a seam) and a choice of Hobbs waddings can be provided if required.  I recommend using good quality backing fabrics and waddings as you get a better result.

There are many examples and videos on my Facebook page and Instagram account.  Both of these are Public so you can view them without having an account yourself.