Quilts in the Wild

This page has links to articles and blog posts about quilts which Cath has quilted.

The Last Homely House East of the Sea (Kate Jackson) visits 

(Interview and video showing the quilting process and setup)


Katy Cameron’s Glam clam quilt

Glam Clam Finish!

Sleepless in Bavaria’s Flying Geese Quilt (Bianca)


“Let’s Get Married” Quilt (Katy Jones)

See page 10 of Quilt Now Issue 33 (also on the front cover)


Dorset Patchwork’s Chequered Lattice Quilt


Ruthie Windsong’s Cat Bed of 100 Colors

In the show and tell section towards the bottom of the page: http://portlandmodernquiltguild.com/blog/2016/7/july-meeting-recap